The End of the Road

The End of the Road

I stood there, pondering what my next move would be. I still hadn’t seen the last flesheater yet. I looked around, for something, once again. It is always better to have something to defend against these brain licking zombies. There was nothing there. Not that my nervous eyes were able to see anyway. I looked outside for a second, just to see what my surroundings were like. If I had to make a break for it, it is better for me to have some sort of idea where I need to go. I can’t see the other side of the building, and like an idiot, I didn’t really check the place out like I should have.

At this point, the sun was about a quarter of the way up on the horizon. Not really enough to see long distances, but up far enough to get a general idea of where I can go. I don’t see many zombies out there right now. Of course, that doesn’t say much, because they are always there.


I heard the last zombie. He moved a lot slower than the other two did. I glanced back outside again, trying to figure out where I would go. I saw the outline of several buildings, and then across the street, there was what looked like another warehouse with a pond next to it. Or, was that a parking lot? It was too dark to tell. Behind  that building, is what looked like a large wooded area. It was large enough that I was unable to see the end of it.

I turned to face my foe. He still hadn’t reached me. What is going on here? I thought as I began to panic. “Maybe he is stuck and can’t move” I whispered as I got on my toes to see if I could peer over the darkness. Not only did it not help matters, but, out of nowhere the flesheater charged me. Why hadn’t I seen him? 

For some reason, his eyes didn’t glow, and he blended perfectly with his surroundings. He grabbed onto to my torn, bloodied shirt and knocked me down. He followed me as he lost his balance when I did.

oooaahoo! I yelled, as I felt the end near. I’ve seen this more than a dozen times. Whenever one of these flesheaters falls on top of their victim, it never turns out well for the one on the bottom. I didn’t have time to think, so my instincts took over. I spun myself around as I fell I pushed him off of me before he could make me his breakfast. The last thing I want is to be a zombie burger.

This was my chance…I’m outta here. I thought as just before my head hit the ground.

I woke up with searing pain in my left forearm, and my head throbbed worse than ever before. For a second, I couldnt’ remember what had happened, or even where I was. The sound of chewing brought me around, and just as I began to jerk my arm away from the grasp of the filthy beast, he bit into my arm again.

Having flesh ripped from the bone is something that I never thought I’d experience, and something that I hope whoever reads this short diary of my death never has to experience. It is aweful. It seemed right for me to write this story down so you could learn from my mistakes.

I was able to fight that last flesheater off and smash his head with the bottom of my boot. They are all upstairs. I wouldn’t go up there if I were you, though. Just take my stuff, and go on. Get out of here. Find somewhere safe to hide that is rural enough to not have many zombies, but may have some people to help you along.

I’m going to put my shotgun in my mouth, and blow my brains out, now. I look forward to being with my wife and kdis agian. I wish you luck, whoever you are.


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