An unknown strain of antibiotic resistant bacteria has researchers left in awe

The first group of flesheaters have already been infected. They are carrying the deadly strain of antibiotic resistant bacteria to a cafe near you. The only problem is, they aren’t there for the house salad. They’re looking for fresh meat. Meat that isn’t quite dead yet. Actually, they are looking for you.

The scientists aren’t quite sure how it got there, but an unknown bacteria has surfaced from an ancient glacier in Antarctica. At first, they didn’t know what they’d uncovered. They just assumed that the usual core samples came up out of the ice. However, upon further inspection back in the States, the new bacteria reared its ugly head. The entire research facility was infected, and within 48 hours, everyone was dead.

Or so we thought.

The research team went in wearing the usual bacteria proof jump suit–respirator and all. The only problem was that when they were conducting their research, the bodies started to move.

Confused, the team moved in to examine the previously dead Americans, only to get bitten by someone who used to resemble a human, only with gray pupils, bloodshot whites and an insatiable apatite for human flesh.

It has begun.