The End of the Road

The End of the Road

I stood there, pondering what my next move would be. I still hadn’t seen the last flesheater yet. I looked around, for something, once again. It is always better to have something to defend against these brain licking zombies. There was nothing there. Not that my nervous eyes were able to see anyway. I looked outside for a second, just to see what my surroundings were like. If I had to make a break for it, it is better for me to have some sort of idea where I need to go. I can’t see the other side of the building, and like an idiot, I didn’t really check the place out like I should have.

At this point, the sun was about a quarter of the way up on the horizon. Not really enough to see long distances, but up far enough to get a general idea of where I can go. I don’t see many zombies out there right now. Of course, that doesn’t say much, because they are always there.


I heard the last zombie. He moved a lot slower than the other two did. I glanced back outside again, trying to figure out where I would go. I saw the outline of several buildings, and then across the street, there was what looked like another warehouse with a pond next to it. Or, was that a parking lot? It was too dark to tell. Behind  that building, is what looked like a large wooded area. It was large enough that I was unable to see the end of it.

I turned to face my foe. He still hadn’t reached me. What is going on here? I thought as I began to panic. “Maybe he is stuck and can’t move” I whispered as I got on my toes to see if I could peer over the darkness. Not only did it not help matters, but, out of nowhere the flesheater charged me. Why hadn’t I seen him? 

For some reason, his eyes didn’t glow, and he blended perfectly with his surroundings. He grabbed onto to my torn, bloodied shirt and knocked me down. He followed me as he lost his balance when I did.

oooaahoo! I yelled, as I felt the end near. I’ve seen this more than a dozen times. Whenever one of these flesheaters falls on top of their victim, it never turns out well for the one on the bottom. I didn’t have time to think, so my instincts took over. I spun myself around as I fell I pushed him off of me before he could make me his breakfast. The last thing I want is to be a zombie burger.

This was my chance…I’m outta here. I thought as just before my head hit the ground.

I woke up with searing pain in my left forearm, and my head throbbed worse than ever before. For a second, I couldnt’ remember what had happened, or even where I was. The sound of chewing brought me around, and just as I began to jerk my arm away from the grasp of the filthy beast, he bit into my arm again.

Having flesh ripped from the bone is something that I never thought I’d experience, and something that I hope whoever reads this short diary of my death never has to experience. It is aweful. It seemed right for me to write this story down so you could learn from my mistakes.

I was able to fight that last flesheater off and smash his head with the bottom of my boot. They are all upstairs. I wouldn’t go up there if I were you, though. Just take my stuff, and go on. Get out of here. Find somewhere safe to hide that is rural enough to not have many zombies, but may have some people to help you along.

I’m going to put my shotgun in my mouth, and blow my brains out, now. I look forward to being with my wife and kdis agian. I wish you luck, whoever you are.


An unknown strain of antibiotic resistant bacteria has researchers left in awe

The first group of flesheaters have already been infected. They are carrying the deadly strain of antibiotic resistant bacteria to a cafe near you. The only problem is, they aren’t there for the house salad. They’re looking for fresh meat. Meat that isn’t quite dead yet. Actually, they are looking for you.

The scientists aren’t quite sure how it got there, but an unknown bacteria has surfaced from an ancient glacier in Antarctica. At first, they didn’t know what they’d uncovered. They just assumed that the usual core samples came up out of the ice. However, upon further inspection back in the States, the new bacteria reared its ugly head. The entire research facility was infected, and within 48 hours, everyone was dead.

Or so we thought.

The research team went in wearing the usual bacteria proof jump suit–respirator and all. The only problem was that when they were conducting their research, the bodies started to move.

Confused, the team moved in to examine the previously dead Americans, only to get bitten by someone who used to resemble a human, only with gray pupils, bloodshot whites and an insatiable apatite for human flesh.

It has begun.

The Zombie Apocalypse: Waking up in a Warehouse

The Zombie Apocalypse: Waking up in a Warehouse

The warm bubbles soothed my aching muscles from a hard day of work. I was never much for hard labor, neither was I much of an office type of guy. And now, the fruits of my labor after all these years was my family, the house, and this hot tub. My solitude. These warm jets are something that I look forward to each day after the kids go to bed.


What was that? I thought as I leaned forward, turning my head in each direction. Confident that I must be hearing things, I sank back down into the bubbling abyss. Where was I? Oh, yes…

scratch, scratch GROWL

“Oh, my head.” I said as I slowly peeled back my eyelids. “I guess I was having a good dream of being back home in my old blue hot tub”. Too bad I had to wake up.


“ someone there?” I panicked as I stammered to my feet. I tipped over once–catching myself with the other foot. I was never good at waking up fast. I’ve always been a slow mover in the morning. It was still dark out. The full moon shone above, which was nice because it allowed me to see for a good distance.

Wonder how long till the sun comes up, I thought as I sat back down on my green military style cot. Off on the other side of the building, I heard this scratching sound again.

“Oh no!” I whispered loudly, as I suddenly felt more awake than ever. Must be the adrenaline kicking in. My fight or flight response–at its finest–was going to guide me once again towards survival. One, or more, of those things is out there, trying to get in. They must have smelled me.

I looked around, squinting my eyes so I could see better. I had a flashlight, but light attracts them too. I don’t want to be seen! It always seems like, where there is one flesheater, there are a bunch watching. Waiting. Hungry for flesh.

A flashback of my wife and children burned brightly into my mind’s eye. I shuddered at the thought of helplessly watching their flesh being ripped from their bodies, one bite at a time. There were just too many flesheaters around. I couldn’t save them, could I? I tried. But I couldn’t reach them in time. Then, the only way for me to survive was to leave them behind to their fate.

I began to sob like a little girl as my head dipped into my open hands.

SMASH! A window at the other side of the warehouse broke in. Followed by numerous grunts.

As I listened to them poring in through the broken glass, I thought, I have to pull myself together here. For my wife. And kids. They would want me to push forward. Wouldn’t they?

My mind raced as I twirled around in several circles. I began to to get dizzy, when I remembered the stairwell. When I first got here, I scoped the place out, looking for possible escape routes. The stairwell came to mind. I bolted straight for it, leaving all of my supplies behind. No time to grab anything, I thought as I began to climb the stairs.

Those zombies must have heard me clambering up the steps as I groped for the life giving air, unable to fill my lungs to capacity. Their tones changed. They almost sounded…excited. It sort of reminds me of how my son sought after milk when he was born. He needed to eat, when he needed to eat. And, when he knew that his mother was within reach, he got excited. Elated.

Their pace increased, and they were almost on me now. Why had I waited so long to get up? The vision of my wife screaming for me as I ran out of our house came back to haunt me once again. She hates me. I know it. I thought, as I picture her in heaven being comforted by a loving God.

The stairwell was at the end of the warehouse, on the right hand side. I climbed these steps earlier for a brief second just to make sure that there were no zombies up there waiting for me. Why had I chosen this place? The outside was a sea of glass windows, waiting to be smashed in when I fell asleep. I know better than this.

I was halfway up the stairs when I turned around to see how many were chasing me. To my surprise, there were just three of them. I’ve handled more than that, I thought as I began to turn around. But as I was about halfway I noticed something. Something eerie. The zombie eyes were glowing in the dark. Or, maybe it was just the reflection off of the full moon.

Why was this so strange to me? Does it  matter that I could see their shark eyes from where I was? If anything, maybe this was useful to me. I know where they are. Man, are they moving fast or what? I thought as I began to take the stairs two at a time.

I hadn’t gone up more than a few stairs when the front of my right foot hit the step, instead of landing firmly on it. I stumbled and smacked my face on the corner of the second to last step. As I turned around, I heard a snarl. They were starting up the steps now. “Oh, ma nothe. I dink ith broken,” I stammered as I tried to get back up on my feet.

My face and head ached now. I couldn’t move fast any longer. I had to rely solely on my wits–what was left of them. I had to find a spot to hide in, fast. I finally got to the top of the stairs. I didn’t turn around to see where the flesheaters were. And really, I didn’t care. All that mattered now was finding somewhere to hide.

“Where can I go?” I asked in absolute desperation? I started to the right, checking the doors as I walked. So far, they were all locked.


I looked behind me, and less than 15 feet away were three flesh eating zombies.

To be continued. Part 2.

Waking in a Warehouse Part 2

Waking in a Warehouse Part 2

Make sure you read part 1 first!

This was the first time I was able to get a good look at them. They were beaten and tattered looking with shredded clothes. The first one was a women; she was wearing the remnants of a silk blouse that was blue at one point.  However, it was red and brown with dried blood and was torn in many areas. Under her torn shirt, I could see parts of her bra and stomach. They were covered in dry, caked on blood with body parts strewn about. She was putrid and disgusting. She stood there, looking at me. It almost reminded me of how my old German shepherd dog would look right before I would feed her dinner. She watched expectantly, knowing that she was about to eat.

She let out a snarl and started toward me. I wanted to run, but for some reason, my feet were glued to the concrete. Run, Leo, you idiot! I thought as I watched the things that wanted to eat my flesh coming for me.

The one on my right tripped over something that was laying there. He fell face first into the cold, hard concrete. Good, down to two. But I knew better. He wouldn’t be down for long. These things don’t feel pain.

This was the distraction I needed to get me moving again. I spun around and took off down the long corridor before me. Maybe I should have turned to the left when I reached the top of the stairs, I thought as I ran. But there was nothing I could do about it now. If I tried to turn around and run past the flesheaters, they would surely get me. But, I may not have any other options. 

I looked back as I stopped at the last door–which was also locked–I didn’t see them, it was almost completely dark in here. The only light coming in was from the full moon outside, as it shone its brilliant silver light through the window at the end of the corridor. It wasn’t enough to see them, or their glowing eyes. But, I could hear them. They never stopped snarling and growling. Even when they fed, they still couldn’t stop making the sickening noises.

What was wrong with them? What had happened? Why were they so different now? I didn’t know the answers to any of these questions. All I know is that they want to eat me. No, they have to eat me.

I don’t want to get eaten.

I could fight them off, I’ve done it before. I reached down for my knife–the only weapon that I had with me at all times. Where is it? I began to panic. I searched myself frantically. Then I remembered. I took it out of my pocket before I went to bed earlier. What was I thinking? Why would I do that? What an idiot! 

I turned to each side, looking for something–anything to defend myself with. Movement flickered out of the corner of my eye as the first zombie made it to where I was. I saw the light glow of the grey eyes get brighter with each step. The only difference was, this chick wasn’t stopping this time. She was hungry, and I was her breakfast.

Where are the other two? Did they both fall down, unable to get up? I didn’t see any other obstacles on my way down this long hallway. 

The sun was starting to give its much needed light as it poked over the horizon. It didn’t help though–not yet anyway. In an act of desperation, I charged the woman zombie. I wanted to knock her over and take off down the hall in the other direction. With dawn coming, this was my best chance of survival. I would knock her over, run as fast as I could, get downstairs, grab my bag and find a hiding spot.

She snarled at me, as if she was surprised at this last ditch attempt at not becoming her breakfast.  I thrusted my hands out in front of me to knock her over. Right before I hit her, I saw the flicker of glowing eyes to my right. Crap. The other one made it, I thought right before I hit her like a freight train.

He lunged at me as I knocked her rotting, lifeless body over. I began to turn so I could offer up a defense against the inevitable attack from my new foe. Something wasn’t quite right though. I realized that I was falling, too! She must have grabbed onto me, or, maybe I just lost my balance. My equilibrium hasn’t been the best these past few years. Most likely because I had been gaining a ton of weight. My wife was an excellent cook, and she made an awesome 3 cheese lasagna.

But because I had fallen, the flesheater that lunged toward me hit the wall, and then fell. Turns out, their equilibrium isn’t all that great either. Kind of levels the playing field a bit.

I hit the ground hard. And because I was turning as I fell, my left shoulder hit the ground first. This caused my neck to jerk. It didn’t feel so good. I was starting to look like these beasts with my broken nose and the torn clothing that I’ve been wearing for weeks now. I felt something at my feet.

I picked my head up to see a set of snarling shark eyes examine my right leg as it came in for a bite. “AAAHHHH!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I felt another set of hands pulling at my shirt. They grabbed on to me and I began to swing my arms above my head to fight them off. Then I saw her glowing eyes as she faced the moonlight coming in from the window.

Her mouth was agape, and there was nothing I could do. What’s the point? I thought as an image of my lifeless wife flickered across my mind.

In an instant, I flipped to my right side kicking the one zombie by my feet hard enough to make him smack the wall for the second time. In one fluid motion, that continued on from that defensive kick, I got to my hands and knees. Forcing myself to defend against a frontal attack. I was shaky, but willing to live by doing whatever was necessary.

She was still lying on the ground, reaching for me. She moved her mouth up and down–as if practicing what she thought was inevitable. As the sun gave off more of its needed light, I saw something that I hadn’t noticed before. She was missing parts of the skin on her face. I could see clearly through her right cheek. There were exposed bones visible. This was the stuff nightmares were made of.

“Not today you old hag.” I said as I wobbled to my feet–I felt the blood dripping down from my nose as it throbbed. I looked to my left briefly to ensure that my other threat was at least temporarily neutralized. He still hasn’t moved. Good.

She snarled at me once again from the ground. I came at her and kicked her in the face as hard as I could. She flipped over, and didn’t move anymore.

Down the long corridor, I heard the low growling of the last flesheater.

Do I chance going back downstairs? Or, do I break into one of these locked doors, hoping for the best?

To be continued, one more time. What decision will he make? Will Leo live to fight another day? Stay tuned!